Add Gourmet Coffee to Your Menu

Gourmet coffee is growing rapidly in West Texas. Many consumers are actively seeking alternatives to the national chains that serve over roasted and bitter coffee. Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor and establish your reputation early in the game.

Adding gourmet coffee to your menu adds perceived value to your establishment and attracts new (and loyal) customers. Serving world class espresso and latte beverages can add as much as $20 to a ticket and is very profitable with margins as high as 90%, it's a great investment for your growing business and usually pays for itself within the 1st year.


But where to start? Most restaurants don't have a master Barista on staff. What machine to buy? How do we use it? clean it? Maintain it? What is a portafilter and do I need it pressurized? What the heck is a knock box?


We get it, it can be overwhelming. It's really not that difficult if you have the right expertise.

At Jamochajava, we have that expertise. We have consulted and setup shops in restaurants, churches, office buildings and even food trucks!

Our "Turn Key" solutions provide everything you need to start selling hundreds of coffee and fruit based beverages on day one.

With a "Turn Key" solution you get:

  • Initial Consultation

  • Commercial Grade Espresso Machine

  • Commercial Grade Espresso Grinder

  • All associated hardware and accessories

  • All cleaning and maintenance tools and products

  • Commercial Blender (for frozen beverages)

  • Initial stock of flavorings and Sauces to make hundreds of different recipes

  • Installation, setup and configuration of all equipment*

  • Official Espresso Beverage Chart

  • Exclusive Award Winning Jamochajava Recipe's

  • 5 Pounds Fresh Roasted Jamochajava Espresso Beans

  • 4 hours of staff training.

Once installed, we will train your staff in proper use and maintenance of all equipment as well as the basics of beverage assembly and creation. With these tools, your staff will be able to build your own signature recipes that set you apart from your competitors. Our Turn Key Solutions start at just $5,999.00

*Some equipment may require additional electrical outlets or water lines be installed to operate. Jamochajava will assist by supplying the technical requirements. It is the responsibility of the establishment to prep the location prior to equipment installation.

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