JamochaJava began as many small businesses do, out of passion. We weren't satisfied with most of the consumer coffee brands on the market so we developed our own blends and open flame  roasting technique. We call this technique "Craft Roasted".

The Craft Roasted technique uses experience and the natural "tell" of the bean to achieve the perfect roast. This results in a unique blend of smoky flavors and aroma that simply cannot be matched by computer controlled roasters.


Founded in 2017, JamochaJava is a small batch roaster in Midland Texas. We roast on demand for consumers, businesses and organizations throughout the Permian Basin and world wide through our online store.

We love the coffee we produce. We think you will too. We always roast your order after you place it and ship the next business day. This way you receive your coffee at the peak of freshness. Always fresh, never bitter.